What's new - the old stuff

Here's earlier entries that have gotten a bit stale for the home page.

new Hi res pics of Nashville provided by Jack Shoup. The game has an interesting resistor board installed in the head. In addition, Jack documented the random unit on High Flyer. 02/22/23
new Reflex unit diagram info for Orient provided by David Bogle. 11/10/22
new PDF versions of the Bally Continental (Belgium) and James Clement parts catalogs added. These are large files. 08/19/22
new Bally Hawaii mixer documentation completed by Justin Q. Diagrams posted. 04/21/22
new United "Pennant" Triple Play documented. These are heavily modified games that were operated in the San Francisco area. Not all games were modified the same way with the same features. 03/13/22
new More pics added from Ben (South Seas) and Lars (Tropicana). 09/27/21
new Bob Herbison provided some internal pics of London. If you get bored and have a high resolution camera (12 megapixel+), maximum resolution pics are needed for most games. The goal is to be able to zoom in and read labels, but take the pictures from far enough back that you know what you are looking at because you can see all the surrounding units and edge of the door/head. 09/16/21
new Ben Barchik provided a Magic random unit contact plate for Dixieland and the diagram is posted. His higher resolution pictures of Lotta Fun and Ticker Tape are also on the site now. 03/20/21
new Dennis Dodel provided good SI card scans for United Mexico, Tahiti, Havana and Rio. Cards for Leader and ABC added on 2/28, and cards for Bally Bright Spot added 3/20/21. Posted on pages in the game listings. 02/17/21
new Danny Chandler bought Randy Walker's new-in-box Miss Universe and is continuing the documentation process. Reflex unit diagram posted - and can of worms opened as his machine doesn't match the schematic that came with the game. 02/19/21
new Jack Shoup got hold of another Venice, so the mixer 5 question is resolved and the odd/even reflex unit diagram has been created and posted. Jack provided lots more internal pictures, including both sides of the odd/even circuit board. 01/23/21
new Mixer and reflex unit diagrams for Venice provided by Jack Shoup. Orient uses the same mixers. Actually, Jack cut the entire mixer assembly and reflex unit out of a parts head and mailed them to me. Worked great except mixer 5 has two 14-x wires attached, so I had to guess which was which. Anyone with a Venice or Orient can verify I got it wrong. Jack didn't have a cabinet, so no info on the odd/even reflex unit yet. 11/15/20
new Information for mixer 1 & 2 diagrams for Can-Can provided by Jack Shoup. Diagrams posted. 11/8/20
new The Pacific Pinball Museum's Bally Yacht Club chopped up. Unit diagrams and info posted. Still need to do shutter/ball lift timing diagrams. 2/27/20
new The Pacific Pinball Museum's Williams Long Beach overhaul completed. Unit diagrams and info posted. This game they will not sell. 4/30/19
new The Pacific Pinball Museum's Bally Beach Beauty overhaul complete. Mixer, reflex and timing info posted. The game is for sale. 4/30/19
new A scan of a better manual for Bally Lido is posted. 3/5/19
new The Pacific Pinball Museum's Bally Key West was overhauled. Pics and usual mixer/reflex/timing info posted. If you want one of these, see if they'll sell it. 2/27/19
new The Pacific Pinball Museum's Bally Night Club was overhauled. Pics and usual mixer/reflex/timing info posted. If you want one of these, see if they'll sell it. They have a second Night Club in similar condition with wood rails. Both have some playfield wear. I may remove the wood rails and xfer them to the pictured game if the second machine becomes a parts game. 2/12/19
new David Helyer and Chris Howard provided info on a factory adjustment plug on some Miami Beach games. The only known schematic does not have this plug on it. 2/3/19
new The Pacific Pinball Museum's United Starlet was overhauled. Pics and usual mixer/reflex/timing info posted. If you want one of these, see if they'll sell it. Caravan is a little better due to the short diagonals that make more use of roto numbers, but Starlet is interesting also. 1/23/19
new The Pacific Pinball Museum gave access to a United Pixies, mixer and timing diagrams are posted. 11/10/18
new Vic Camp provided manuals/info/pictures for GAA New Continental and Wimi Miss Bowling Turbo, as well as 30+ other pictures of machines/backglasses that have been added to the game listings. 11/3/18
new Craig McCarthy generated the reflex unit diagram for Miss America Deluxe. 10/9/18
new Joe Shope and John Kosick supplied a search chart for Atlantic City. 8/20/18
new John Kosick supplied an alternate schematic for Show-Time. There's a small difference in the shutter motor and selector lock trip relay circuits. It appears John's schematic was for early machines. 8/17/18
new Unit diagrams for Spot-Lite have been created and posted. Additional pictures of game internals added. Thanks to the Pacific Pinball Museum for loan of the machine. 8/17/18
new Terry K. provided pictures for a little write-up on open/close at zero/top switches in the how-to section.
Garnett Fraser sent in pics to make a reflex diagram for Ticker Tape. I assume Stock Market and Wall Street are the same so posted those diagrams also.
Steve Testa send in some internal pictures for Bright Lights.
new David Eaker provided another version of the Galaxy schematic. See entry in machine listings. This is/was pretty ... umm ... quaint. Looks like at least two people were drawing it, and they didn't agree on things like whether to draw humps at wire crossings (I changed them to humps) or the shapes and cases of letters. I didn't look yet and see how different it is from the also posted belgium version. 1/19/18
new The game manuals were all optimized with acrobat to reduce the file size. The unoptimized manuals are also available. If you see a problem with an optimized one, grab the bigger version and see if it's the same. If there is an issue, let me know.

A Bally/United Manual and Schem Hoarder link was added to the paperwork page. You can download large zip archives of all the Bally and United manuals and schems.

new Steve Testa completed the mixer diagrams for Safari and I added some internal pics I had. 7/30/17
new Phil Bogema documented the remaining mixers (2 and 4) for Carnival Queen....and pointed out an error in the mixer 4 diagrams for County Fair and Laguna Beach. 7/12/17
new A how-to for John Leigh's experience documenting the mixers on Miami Beach is posted. 6/1/17
new Steve Testa overcame all adversity (my explanations) and produced documentation for the reflex, random and magic random units on Nashville. This is the first time a late model 6-card machine has complete documentation available on this site. 5/16/17
new Dean Courtney provided a second schematic for Beach Beauty - serial numbers after 1750. The posted reflex unit diagram now makes sense ... it matches the later version of the game. 4/23/17
new John Leigh provided the information for documenting the mixers and reflex unit for Miami Beach. This was the smoothest experience I've been involved with for making these diagrams, so a how-to got written. 4/19/17