Techno Stuff
Common Problems



  1. How do I make my machine free play. Here's free play another way.
  2. Keys, what keys?
  3. Identifying wires
  4. how can I make the game easier
  5. Blown fuses

Wear and Tear

  1. Why is the search index coil burned out on my screen game? (fire hazard!)
  2. Fix flickering/dim lamps (light bulbs)
  3. What parts wear out on a bingo
    (and what should I look at when thinking of buying a game)
  4. What kind of regular maintenance is needed
  5. a solution for worn wiper finger contacts
    (by michael sands -
  6. Replacing older style relay switch actuator/lifters
    (by Jeffrey Lawton)

Payout Problems

  1. Game stops during payout
    and/or various coils burn in payout units (fire hazard! - jeffrey lawton version of above)
  2. Payout is incorrect
    and/or red letter/OK game starts when it shouldn't

Game Specific Issues

  1. extra ball bug on mystic line (20 hole) machines