For Bally and United, we believe that the items in the machine listings are an accurate list of all the games made. We are also fairly sure that the listings for the non-US manufacturers are incomplete and incorrect. There's a non-obvious mashup of manufacturers and distributors in Belgium - in some cases the "manufacturer" names are really the distributors.

Periodically, someone asks about a game that is not in the listings. It's almost always the case that we are dealing with an aftermarket backglass that for legal, moral, or boredom reasons someone decided to change the name of the game.

Game Masquerading

One reason that rescreens were done with different names were to try and get around the local laws banning the machines. In some places, the machines were declared illegal by name, so if your machine wasn't on the list of illegal ones, you could operate it until someone got the machine added to the list. I assume getting the names added was a time-consuming legal process, so you could happily rake in the loot while the lawyers were grinding away.

Here's all the ones we've been told about, and if you have a different one, zap us a comment.

  • america
  • bamboo - it's an orient
  • bay belle - it's a night club glass
  • bgs bounty backglass - it's "art"
  • bingo cards - whoa...this looks legit!
  • bowl-a-line - an operator used this name for multiple hacks
  • dade ranch - when you make backglass prints...
  • daytona beach - this incarnation is a beach time
  • miss america (no, not the real one!)
  • rogo - it's a bali
  • sea fair
  • shoot-a-line (no, not the real one!)
  • six shots
  • single coin - named used on modified or aftermarket backglasses, almost always on barrel-o-fun era 6-card games. Sometimes the games were modified to give all six card on one coin, sometimes they just did what bally designed, which required a coin to reset even if you had credits/scores. After reset, credit/scores would enable more cards.
  • spottem
  • super wall street - it's a bali
  • zig zag - it's a can-can

Other Modifications

Weird Stuff