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Dixieland Pinball
misc parts, backglasses and paperwork See pics on Dixieland site of what Nathan has available - things like coils, NOS backglasses, NOS rail skins, new stepper assemblies, new screens, number masts, motors, NOS side rails, chrome front rail pieces, plungers, clutch washers, NOS playfield lamp shields, NOS manual/schematic packets. Also Keeney Flasher parts and one ball parts and backglasses.
Chris Dade
Backglass and playfield prints. See Coos's site below. See chris's site for info
Backglass prints from holland, and other reproduction parts. Chris in the UK stopped doing backglass prints and said coos is making ones that are easier to apply as they are a single layer (the mask is printed on the back rather than a separate piece). Coos also has a way to print directly to glass and reproduce mirroring. The result is very close to the original silk-screen glasses.
misc parts NOS parts like coils,motors,buttons,front rails,rail plates,legs. Almost any thing you need for bally bingos except playfield parts and backglasses.
Joe Shope
voice: 801-359-5342
858 W 600 S
Salt Lake City, Utah 84104
misc parts Bally Bingo Pinball parts. Some NOS, mostly used parts for games from the 1954-1962 era. Now have a source for some parts for the later 20 holers and 6-card games. Email with your needs.
misc parts Bally Bingo mechanical and playfield parts for games from the mid 50's to the mid 60's. OK games, moving screens, four corner games and lite a line 6 card games. Lots of motors, switches, posts, light shields, playfields, stepper units, reflex units, ball lifts, counters and the like.
gary conway
Seattle, wa
backglass reproductions using the two prints sandwitched between glass technique. printed backglass repros like what chris dade above does. Purchase options as of 12/15/2019 for continental USA shipping.
  • $225 for the two prints (front print and mask print) + $23 priority mail shipping in continental USA. You buy the glass sheets locally.
  • $245 for prints assembled between two glass sheets + typically $52-$84 shipping depending on where you are.

backglass reproductions using a heat transfer technique I don't know if they've done a bingo glass. Typical costs are on their web site. Factor in the shipping cost of sending your glass to them assuming they don't have the artwork already.
phil hooper

see light shields SOLD OUT! Not anticipating getting more soon. If you want to get your own from Belgium, go to it. You need to wire transfer money to them, and cough up the customs tax. The actual unit price is around $US 50 cents. After shipping, tax, and wire xfer fees, you're looking at about $1.00/ea - assuming you buy at least 160 pieces. The more you buy, the less the shipping and fees matter.
Alouette Amusement
8505 Delmeade, Mont-Royal
Montréal, QC
H4T 1M1
  • backglasses
  • machines
  • schematics/manuals
For Amusement Only
943 butte pass drive
fort collins, co
  • rings
  • lamps
  • coils
  • schematics/manuals for most games before Border Beauty, a few later schematics.
credit cards and paypal accepted
John's Jukes
2434 Main St
Vancouver, BC
V5T 3C9
  • rings
  • lamps
  • coils
Marco Specialties
5290 Platt Springs Rd
Lexington SC
FAX 803-957-6974
web site
  • rings
  • lamps
  • coils
  • balls (1-1/8" as well as standard pinballs)
  • almost all manuals/schematics
Pinball Life
11930 Oak Creek Parkway
Huntley, IL
web site
  • rings
  • lamps
  • coils
  • 1-1/8" balls (used for bally bingos and most united)
Pinball Resource
8 Commerce St
Poughkeepsie, NY
Steve Young
web site
  • balls (remember, for Bally and most United, they are 1-1/8". A few United used standard 1-1/16" pinballs)
  • rubber rings/parts
  • lamps (including the #1458/#1464's for bingo cards)
  • coils
  • switch adjusters
  • contacts and switch blades
  • schematics/manuals for almost all games (bally and united)
Don't specifically talk about bingo's unless you need to. While I assume that selling parts for these games falls under the 25 year rule for most states gambling device laws, it's not really clear whether selling parts for these machines is legal. Avoid the issue by not talking about it.
Multiproducts made a bunch of the bingo motors. Pinball Resource has taken over repair of the motors. Not clear yet if they will be offering parts. What's usually needed is the motor armature and first reduction gear it mates with. The rest of the gears don't wear much.

A talk at pinball expo in 2008 by mark patzke, the president of multiproducts, produced the following:

  • for gearboxes, use magnalube
  • for the sleeve bearings (the brass oil tubes), use 3-in-1 motor oil (blue can...not the red can!) or other teflon impregnated oil
Norman Lamps Elburn, Il
lamps Wayne reports he got red #55 lamps here (55-R) for $5/box of 10, and the have #1458's as well. Prices are probably better at pinball suppliers.
Jeffrey Lawton
Massive collection of Bally games from Yacht Club through Bounty. Author of "Bally Bingo Pinball Machines". He offers autographed copies of his book to anyone who wishes to get one.
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