It's all about bingos!

Welcome to one of the ugliest sites on the web built by someone who did web stuff for a living.

We are talking about bingo machines here, mostly Bally, but with a few digressions into United and other manufacturers.

My main interest is the technical details and reference materials. If you are looking for interesting reading instead of getting bogged down in techno-babble, click over to Danny Leach's bingo site or Ray Watts site

If reading isn't your thing, try Nick Baldridge's For Amusement Only podcast and especially look for episodes on the Multi-bingo.

Where's the little numbered balls?

Wrong kinda bingo. We are interested in pinball machines that look somewhat like this thing.

They have no flippers, 5+ balls, and are, umm, "for amusement only" (we posted a "No Gambling Allowed" sign on the machine...that's how much we mean it!).

If you want to get the historical perspective, check out the History link over there to the left. We've swiped articles by Russ Jensen and added some pictures. Also, Jeffrey Lawton (no, that's not me!) has published a book published by Schiffer cleverly titled "Bally's Bingo Pinball Machines", so it should be easy to find.

Information for each game (like schematics, manuals, flyers, score/instruction card scans/repros, mixer/reflex unit blueprints, etc.) is in the game listings and the paper summary.

A very good computer version of various machines is at Plus, he's building in a method for using the software with a real playfield and cabinet so you can add a computer and display to create a multiple game machine.

What's new

Here's as good a place as any for those ancient-school little "what's new" images!

new Bally Hawaii mixer documentation completed by Justin Q. Diagrams posted. 04/21/22
new United "Pennant" Triple Play documented. These are heavily modified games that were operated in the San Francisco area. Not all games were modified the same way with the same features. 03/13/22
new More pics added from Ben (South Seas) and Lars (Tropicana). 09/27/21
new Bob Herbison provided some internal pics of London. If you get bored and have a high resolution camera (12 megapixel+), maximum resolution pics are needed for most games. The goal is to be able to zoom in and read labels, but take the pictures from far enough back that you know what you are looking at because you can see all the surrounding units and edge of the door/head. 09/16/21
new Ben Barchik provided a Magic random unit contact plate for Dixieland and the diagram is posted. His higher resolution pictures of Lotta Fun and Ticker Tape are also on the site now. 03/20/21
new Dennis Dodel provided good SI card scans for United Mexico, Tahiti, Havana and Rio. Cards for Leader and ABC added on 2/28, and cards for Bally Bright Spot added 3/20/21. Posted on pages in the game listings. 02/17/21
new Danny Chandler bought Randy Walker's new-in-box Miss Universe and is continuing the documentation process. Reflex unit diagram posted - and can of worms opened as his machine doesn't match the schematic that came with the game. 02/19/21
new Jack Shoup got hold of another Venice, so the mixer 5 question is resolved and the odd/even reflex unit diagram has been created and posted. Jack provided lots more internal pictures, including both sides of the odd/even circuit board. 01/23/21
new Mixer and reflex unit diagrams for Venice provided by Jack Shoup. Orient uses the same mixers. Actually, Jack cut the entire mixer assembly and reflex unit out of a parts head and mailed them to me. Worked great except mixer 5 has two 14-x wires attached, so I had to guess which was which. Anyone with a Venice or Orient can verify I got it wrong. Jack didn't have a cabinet, so no info on the odd/even reflex unit yet. 11/15/20

Old entries are hoarded in case you missed them